Monday, 28 October 2013

Episode 17 - Yarndale

Hi everyone,

Here are the shownotes for episode 17!

Shownotes episode 17

Central park hoody I am currently nearing the end of

If you are in the market for some soft donegal like I used in my CPH you can find it here - Knit owl 

Here is the carnaby skirt I started earlier this year and am slowly progressing.

Hat links!

Pedulum shawl - it is a little small but hopefully you can see what I mean about the very grey grey yarn...yeah...

Ripple mitts I loved this pattern and will be making more of them!

Oreo and party ring recipe - To come but here are the photos to keep you entertained for now...

Yarndale photos

Spoils from Yarndale

Hand dyed bee keepers quilt - A playful day sums it up quite nicely

Oh and don't forget to ...

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  1. In this episode you mention you have a new spinning wheel. I'm new to spinning and would interested to know which wheels you have, what you use them for, and what you think of them. I like your other content too, this is just a suggestion:-))