Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Episode 4 - Start-itis

Hello everyone,

Episode 4 is now up and you can listen to it in the player to the right, here or on itunes :)

This week I talk about what I have been up to since the last podcast, what I have been/am knitting, there is a yarn shop review, the return of the cake recipe and a competition.

Here are the shownotes:

What I have been watching...


Summer Wars

The Girl Who Leapt Through Time


Shetland Fleece I have just finished spinning

Dyeing efforts

Cake recipe

Chocolate Fridge cake


175g digestive biscuits
90g margarine
30g sugar
60g golden syrup
2 tablespoons of cocoa powder

nuts and glace cherries


30g margarine
1 tablespoon cocoa powder
115g icing sugar

- Crush the biscuits using a plastic bag and a rolling pin or if you are better equipped then me a food processor.

- Melt the margarine, sugar and golden syrup in a pan on a low hea, add the cocoa powder and biscuit crumbs

- Put the mixture into a cake tin, I use an 18cm one, and leave to cool down in the fridge

- When the cake is cool make the topping by melting 30g margarine in a pan on a low heat, add the cocoa powder and icing sugar and stir well. Spread over the cool cake mixture and return to the fridge until it is set.


To enter the competition please leave a comment under this post and I will use a random number generator to pick 2 winners for some handmade stitch markers!

As always you can contact me by leaving a message here, on Podbean, on Ravelry or you can email me at

Thanks for listening!


  1. Hi, Would love some stitch markers - any color. It is so fun to listen. Keep up the good work. Emmy Lou

  2. Yay! A cake! Thanks for the Ghibli tip--I love those movies (my facebook avatar is Totoro!).
    Oh yes, and I do want to win the contest!

  3. What an interesting cake recipe! I've never heard of a Fridge cake before, but I would definitely give it a try. But I have to ask... what are digestive biscuits?

  4. My 15 year old just emailed me the same Doctor Who Experience photo (well - with him and his dad, of course, not you and Ollie!)

    Best wishes from Toronto and, yes, I would like a chance to win stitch markers as well.

  5. Congratulations on your return to contact lensdom! Love listening to you... anyone that can combine windpower, beads and digestives along with knitting is all right with me! After learning to love them on a visit to London, I was delighted to find I can get them right here in small town Washington State outside of Seattle! If "treacleandinketsy" is American, they're like round thick graham crackers (but a little heavier), and even better if you get the dark chocolate covered ones (ok milk chocolate if you must).

  6. I just found your podcast through a fellow knitter in my stitch n' bitch. You're gathering quite a following in Northern British Columbia (Canada). Loving your podcast so far - looking for the next one.

    Cheers :)

  7. Thanks so much, I love listening! And I will definitely go for your fridge cake!
    Greetings from Germany

  8. Loved this episode and the cake sounds yoummy.

  9. It's me. I passed on the tip to listen to this podcast. It all started with the SavvyGirls who went around the world.... You are doing an awesome job. Stitch markers, jewelry making stash, cake recipes and a yummy accent. Keep up the fun podcast.

  10. Thanks for keeping me company on a long, dark, rainy drive home from work this evening! Your spinning and dyeing projects look great! Let me know if you need any more Kool-Aid; I'd be happy to send some your way :)

  11. Will try out the cake and would love one of the sets of stitch markers

  12. So jealous that you got to go to the Dr. Who exhibit!!! ;) I am a new listener, and I love the name of your podcast. I am in the USA, so your accent is so cute to me. ;)

  13. Just found you today and listened to all four episodes while in the car. Love the chat and the cake recipes, but I'd have to translate them to US measurements before I could make them. Math. Not my strong suit. I'd love stitch markers, though! :)

  14. Oh how yummy this chocolate fridge cake sounds!! Being from the US myself, "like graham crackers" makes a lot of sense. If these digestive biscuits can be found in Washington State, I wonder if I can find them here in Georgia?
    Oh, and did I mention I love stitch markers! =)

  15. I love podcast!! I just found it yesterday while looking for something to listen to in the car while my daughter (3) is watchig her movies! It feels like I actually have a bit of adult company! :). I look forword to the next one! Congrats on the 'following'. Would love to win!


  16. I just found your podcast today - quite by accident. I've listened to all four so far and can't wait for the next one. Love your accent! It's so sweet of you to check on us Americans with our weird weather. My area is 30 miles from the earthquake epicenter (quite unusual for us) and was hit by hurricane Irene. A very eventful end to summer.

    Thank you - so enjoy your podcast!

  17. Another interesting episode but the bonus being that the recipe was vegan!

  18. Hi! Just discovered your podcast, and I love it. :) My husband got me an iPod last Christmas, but I've only just recently made the leap to realizing that there are knitting/spinning podcasts. When I did a search on iTunes, your podcast had, by far, the most positive reviews, so here I am!


    North Hollywood, California

  19. Thanks for another nice episode :) And yay, it had cake :)

    hugs from Kattepus

  20. love, love, love the podcast and am excited to see the next one is coming soon. totally forgot about the contest b/c i listened in the car and got totally distracted by kiddos. would love some stitch markers. :) keep up the fantastic work.

  21. I really enjoy your podcast, can't wait for the next one!

  22. Hi
    Would love some stitch markers. It's something I was looking for at British Wool Weekend but couldn't find.
    Great podcast again.


  23. Another great podcast, looking forward to number 5, always so interesting and it makes my walk to work so much more pleasant. Haven't made fridge cake for years, glad you reminded me about it.

    Would love to be in the draw for some stitch markers too.

  24. Hi everyone,

    Thanks so much for all the comments, about to record episode 5 and announce the winners!

    Aimee x