Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Episode 22 - Wool, glorious wool!

Hi everyone,

I have updated the podbean player to the right of these posts, if you click the symbol in the top right (3 little lines and dots) it will bring a drop down list of all the episodes...the old one just wasn't working anymore!

Here are the shownotes for this episode:

This is what arrived shortly after I recorded the last episode...

Mam almost got sucked into a bag of Stylecraft...

The chair before and after, I'm really pleased with how these are coming along!

A sneak peak of what is going to be on the website...

Thanks for listening!

Aimee x

Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Episode 21 - The one with the big reveal

Hi everyone,

A short podcast is now available for your listening pleasure :)

The big reveal is out! I am opening a wool shop! Harbour Yarns will be opening on either 19th or 26th July...I will keep you all posted!

This is where it is...

This is the beach behind the shop...if you look closely you can see the lighthouse on the end of the pier

This is the marina around the other corner...

If you squint you can see the under offer sign!

Thank you all for listening!

Aimee x

Thursday, 5 June 2014

Episode 20 - Goldilocks sock syndrome

Hi everyone,

Here are the shownotes for this episode!

Winners of the giveaway are:

The giveaway hat!
1st prize - Javapurl

2nd prize - Shiela O'Keefe
3rd prize - Dane abroad

Get in touch to claim your prizes!

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