Monday, 31 December 2012

Happy New Year!

Hello everyone,

How are things?

There will be a podcast soon, I promise but not at the moment as I have a cold and no one needs to listen to me sniffling!

Hope you have all had a lovely festive period, we have and are very much enjoying the break from work. We celebrated Christmas in the south of England with Mr M's family and then again upon our return to the North East, all in all it has been very lovely.

Part of my Christmas treat was a new camera so I am hoping to get a lot more photographs on to the blog in the New Year. I may try and get to a photo a day but if this is the case I may set up a new blog and link to this one so you do not all get bombarded by photographs of rabbits and degus!

Today we have had a lazy day but decided we needed some fresh air so went for a walk in the woods by the river...

The woods are at their most beautiful in autumn, the weather has taken its toll as part of the river bank has collapsed into the river.

We have had a lot of rain so the river was looking very angry...

It also appears that I got dressed in the dark...

In all fairness the bottom half matches and the top half matches but they do not match each other!

We feel quite lucky to live in such a beautiful place, even on a dull winters day like today.

I hope you all have a wonderful New Year's Eve whatever you choose to do, we are having a cosy night in with this little one...yes she is licking the cupboard.

Speak to you all next year!


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  1. Oh my, your little friend there is adorable! Happy New Year to you! Hope you are feeling better soon!