Thursday, 17 May 2012

An ode to Owls

What needs to be said really? Owls by Kate Davies is one of the most popular jumper patterns on Ravelry. Everyone loves Owls, and who wouldn't it is a jumper with a yoke of cabled owls.

I'm quite renowned for my Owls as I have 2 , the both have no eyes, but I love them dearly and here is why...

I love my Owls (1) because it is warm and snuggly, yes its looking a little bobbly these days but it was my choice to knit it from a loosely plied wool/mohair blend. I can pull it on and feel instantly comforted and cosy, plus I think it is the only jumper I own which has sleeves long enough for my spider like arms.

I love the shaping of the jumper, it is so pretty and helps give my impish frame a bit of shape.

I love the way that every time I wear it and enter a wool shop people point and say 'Owls!' and this is great as it gives me the opportunity to talk about this fantastic pattern.

I love my Owls (2) as I knit it in super chunky at a dense gauge so it keeps me really warm when I go skiing and when I am out on site with work. Yes it can stand up of its own accord and yes I made it in cream so when I wash the darn thing (all the time)  it can take up to a week to dry but its my freakishly thick jumper of happiness.

I love my Owls because they have no eyes. I admire everyone out there who has had the sheer willpower and determination to sew all those eyes on the little blighters, I admit I am not one of you so for that I salute you.

I love how quick this jumper is to knit and how fabulous it can look in a variety of yarns and colours. I feel I need a grey one, my bank balance doesn't agree quite yet. It hasn't forgiven me over the recent Malabrigo purchases.

So yes I love my Owls jumpers, I think they are my favourite makes so far in my knitting journey, thank you Kate for designing such a fabulous, wearable and cosy jumper. I am off to apologise to the rest of my knitted wardrobe for the lack of love...well maybe not just yet, I am cosy sat here all wrapped up in owls.

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  1. i love my owls sweaters too, yes - plural. i managed to shrink my first one. then i doctored the pattern to make a red killing jumper (with stars instead of the owls). i've just finished my third and i'm so glad it's a dream of a knit so that i could replace my first. sewing on millions of buttons was a real pain though!

    i like the idea of knitting in in mega chunky wool.

    ps really enjoyed listening to your nephew, what a little charmer